Welcome to Pretty Cozy, I'm Lauren! I’m a twenty-something millennial living in my hometown of Orlando, Florida! I've been with my sweet boyfriend and love of my life, Matt, (who's a drummer in a metal band!) for over two years and we absolutely adore living in Central Florida....and I love to be, pretty cozy!

I started this blog after transitioning from owning my own business to a full-time, work-from-home role as the social media lead for one of the wedding industry's largest blogs - Style Me Pretty.

I created this little corner of the internet to serve as a source of inspiration, connection, fun, and coziness for millennial women who are ready to live their best life and reach their big goals, while still being pretty cozy, because "going out for drinks" at rowdy bars 'til 2am doesn't make you feel connected or  fulfilled (ya feel me?)

Let's grab on a face mask, and get pretty cozy - because we're about to laugh, have fun, and get inspired to live our best lives. 


My Favorite things



I love Disney! Whether it's a trip to Disney World or a trip to the couch to watch a Disney movie. It's taught me to dream and create magic.


Matt is my best friend, my daily drive and the reason I get anything done. His good looks are a bonus!

my sweet drummer boyfriend

My most recent obsession! I love listening to business podcasts when I'm working out, going for a walk, or just hanging out!


My home! I love the beaches, the attractions, the food, the history and most of all, the community! #OrlandoStrong


I recently started reading about clean skincare and non-toxic beauty products, and I've ben loving it lately! There's just something that feels so good about using natural products!

non-toxic beauty

I love the joyful feeling of putting a smile on someone's face through a perfectly packaged gift. What can I say, gift-giving is my love language!


I really don't think this one needs much an explanation! I just can't leave that place with *only* one thing...nobody ever does!


Values I live by

dream big
be honest
give often
live freely
create magic
radiate kindness
cultivate connection
Love unconditionally


all things



Personality Type


snuggling with matt*

wearing yoga pants

watching disney movies

*Bonus hearts if a back massage is involved

Staying in

going out

favorite disney park

favorite ride

Magic Kingdom

People Mover


Strawberry Acai Lemonade

(Sooo refreshing on those hot Florida days!)

my go-to starbucks order