How to Raise Your Prices and Communicate Your Value

March 29, 2019

As price increases, value increases...and it starts with the experience we paint for clients. Here are some tips on how to raise prices & communicate value!

Have you ever heard the phrase “As the price increases, the value increases”? Yeah, it’s totally true. It starts with the experience we are painting with our clients.

If you are trying to create a brand that speaks to a luxury or high-end audience, you have to understand that your potential clients are not just interested in the final product or service, instead they are interested in the experience – they want you to guide them through a vividly detailed picture of what their life can look like after they work with you and while they are working for you. People at those price points, they are not looking for a quick fix they are looking for an overarching experience that can leave them better than when they first came to you.

Explore Your Ideal Client

If I was coaching a client, and we were exploring what it looks like to elevate their brand and reach high-end clients, I would encourage them to explore and get intimate with their ideal client. Why? So they can create services and experiences that speak to them right where they are and alleviate any pain points that are standing in their ideal clients’ way of achieving success, by whatever definition that is for them. You want to invite people into an experience that makes them feel seen, heard, and invited.

Paint a Picture of the End Result

It’s really important to paint the picture for the end result. We don’t need to be defensive in our marketing trying to prove we are worth a certain amount of money. Instead, we need to say “I understand and see where you are right now and here are the results I can get you.” Painting a picture of the end result can ultimately transform your marketing message in ways you can’t even imagine.

Flip the Script and Know Your Worth

When you realize your worth, you stop giving people discounts. Pricing can be an emotional thing. You feel so passionate about speaking your message, telling others what we do and why we are happy to do what we do, but when it comes down to the actual numbers, we freeze.

When I was in digital marketing, I saw people undercharging for social media management all the time but I knew that I was going to be different and that I would always charge what I thought I deserved to be paid. On my first ever discovery call, when it came time to talk about price, I was so nervous because I knew I was charging higher than my competitors but when it came time to talk numbers, I took a deep breath and said it all with confidence – and she actually signed to work with me for an entire year at my price point !

When you finally understand your place of worth, you can flip the script and say “I know my worth, here is what I have to offer and here is how much it will cost.”

And that client I mentioned earlier? Because we both knew my worth and our energies were on the same vibe, she has been one of my best clients to date! 😉

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As price increases, value increases...and it starts with the experience we paint for clients. Here are some tips on how to raise prices & communicate value!


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